June 14, 2008 at 1:48 am (Attempts at Adulthood, Holy Squirrel Batman!)

In an effort to get out of bed at a decent time in the morning Michael and I took a trip to the Raymour and Flannigan or however and I do not care at all to look it up for the proper spelling outlet store. We scored a new PILLOW TOP mattress and metal bed holder thinger for under $400. We then proceeded to clean our bedroom and oh my heavens it was a trainwreck and a half. Cat hair that could’ve formed another cat, cat puke on things that were “lost” under the bed. Ugh. The floor was mopped for the first time in 2 years. I sorted through every last piece of my clothing. I own over 80 dresses. I could wear a different dress for 80 days in a row. That’s kind of retarded. Also, we are fucking gross. but it is done and we now have a sweet, sweet bed. It really is fabulous to be comfortable when going to sleep. I think about it when I am working. It’s my current addiction. Well, it and retarded expensive iced tea from coffee shops with a shot of some sort of fruity syrup and a little simple syrup mixed in. Perfection. I’m going to go get in my fabulous bed now. Yup.

Here are some pictures of squirrels that frequent my yard. I like blogs with pictures. They’re just better that way.


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we named our children after towns that we’ve never been to.

June 10, 2008 at 12:40 am (foods library)

The Memphis Taproom. A review with pictures and words.

I am so very happy that the Memphis Taproom exists. It’s really lovely, it’s reasonably priced and it’s within walking distance from my home. I don’t dig on beers but the beer loving friends that I have tell me the beer and the beer selection is as fabulous as Patsy and Edina, absolutely that is. I am a huge fan of their Pear Cider. It goes down a little too easily and as my friend Sue says, tastes like what she thinks a Jolly Rancher would taste like. It doesn’t really though but it is very refreshing.

Check it all out for yourself here: Memphis Taproom

Since I’m veg I can only tell you what I thought about the veg dishes. One meaty dish was consumed by Jake and I made him tell me about it. I think I understood.

Please excuse the dodgy photographs as my manfriend Michael sure hates having flashes go off around him in public. He gets instantly aggro and embarrassed. Dork. He had the vegan version of Fish and chips, that being Miso Tofu and Chips. It was pretty darn tasty but I’ve been told it can be a little too greasy so make sure you’re in the mood for the fatness.

Jake, the table carnivore, consumed the BBQ Pork Sandwich. This also comes in a seitan, vegan version. I have not tried this yet but everyone advises to get the sauce on the side because it is sooooo friggin hot and not so much in a good way. Apparently it’s all heat, not enough flavor. But still someone always orders it when we’re there so it can’t be that bad I guess. The pic was total crap and I didn’t want to embarrass Michael anymore than I already had. Sorry. It looked like pulled pork on a roll with a side of fries. Use your imagination.

Sue ordered the special vegan version of the Caprese Salad. Total appetizer so she had to get fries too. It looked so pretty. I didn’t taste it since there was so little of it on her plate. I feared she’d stab me with her fork. Kidding, of course. But for serious it’s friggin tofu and tomatoes, a few more would’ve been more to my liking for the price tag of $8.

Orsborn had the ALT, avocado, lettuce and tomato sandwich. It also has some weird brown sugary smokey mayo on it. It’s pretty tasty.

I’ve tried others a few times but never ordered it on my own because I am soooo addicted to their homemade veggie burgers. Usually I am so unenthused by a veggie burger but I am so very much enthused by this flavorful, perfectly burnt on the outside burger. It’s served on the fluffiest roll too. It’s like eating perfection on a little cloud. Or something. It’s by far my favorite thing that I’ve sampled from the menu. I definitely and wholeheartedly suggest it. You might want to ask for extra pickles too because the Patriot Pickles that they serve are top notch as far as pickles go and I know a thing or two about a pickle or two. Go get some pickles.

They usually have two vegan desserts on tap as well. I’ve yet to try them but I’m told they’re quite good and provided by a local Fishtown bakery appropriately called, Baked.

In short, get your ass on over to the Memphis Taproom.

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