June 14, 2008 at 1:48 am (Attempts at Adulthood, Holy Squirrel Batman!)

In an effort to get out of bed at a decent time in the morning Michael and I took a trip to the Raymour and Flannigan or however and I do not care at all to look it up for the proper spelling outlet store. We scored a new PILLOW TOP mattress and metal bed holder thinger for under $400. We then proceeded to clean our bedroom and oh my heavens it was a trainwreck and a half. Cat hair that could’ve formed another cat, cat puke on things that were “lost” under the bed. Ugh. The floor was mopped for the first time in 2 years. I sorted through every last piece of my clothing. I own over 80 dresses. I could wear a different dress for 80 days in a row. That’s kind of retarded. Also, we are fucking gross. but it is done and we now have a sweet, sweet bed. It really is fabulous to be comfortable when going to sleep. I think about it when I am working. It’s my current addiction. Well, it and retarded expensive iced tea from coffee shops with a shot of some sort of fruity syrup and a little simple syrup mixed in. Perfection. I’m going to go get in my fabulous bed now. Yup.

Here are some pictures of squirrels that frequent my yard. I like blogs with pictures. They’re just better that way.


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