I would ride 500 miles and I would ride 500 more…

July 28, 2008 at 11:00 pm (foods library, nova scotia motorcycle trip, travel toothbrush) (, , , )

I am home now, 2900 miles, trench foot, diaper rash, and ten days later I am home.

Nova Scotia Trip. Day One.

I’m gonna do this day by day or I’ll be so overwhelmed by it I’ll just say fuck it and go put on some Boudreaux’s Butt Paste and hang out in my bed for several many hours.

On Saturday, July 19, 2008 at 7:30AM I embarked on a journey from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. I did so on the back of Michael’s 1974 BMW R90s. Joining us was Mike, Bill, Jared, Wes and Christie. In total we were a crew of seven people, five motorcycles. We were the new and improved vibrations for long periods of time crew, we were a force to be reckoned with. And our force was indeed reckoned with, many, many times. The reckoning came mostly in the form of downpours and thunderous clouds and puddles. I’ll get to that later.

We started the trip by hopping onto 95N to meet up with Wes and Christie. I ripped the crotch of my jeans, realized I had forgotten my brand new camera battery and charger and that I’d downloaded the incorrect Howard Stern Show. And then 95N was detoured for a bit. Good start. Bill suggested I purchase a Canadian flag patch and sew it to my jeans making me Captain Canada Box. Nickname number one.

The trip got off to an even better start at Pj’s Pancake House in Princeton, NJ. The most amazing thing about this restaurant is that it owns the url pancakes.com. And that is pretty much where the amazement ends for me. They were good, don’t get me wrong. But they were way more expensive than pancakes should ever be. I indulged in $7.55 pecan pancakes, two of them. Well actually I only ate one but whatever. I also indulged in $4.55 “mashed browns”. They were sort of gross. Mashed up home fries with green peppers and onions in them. So with my coffee I managed to spend almost $20 on my first meal. Whatevs.

After enjoying the twisty roads of the Taconic State Parkway and the sites of Harriman State Park we stopped just past Hartford, CT for a pizza lunch. Jared’s bike died and luckily it had just run out of gas. The pizza place scared me and gave me the vibe that their bathroom must have a web cam in it. The counter guy asked eight million questions including, “Which state is Nova Scotia in?” Yup. We also learned the term aftertizer, it’s trademarked. It referred to deep fried chunks of cheesecake. No one indulged.

Back on the road we had a few stops for gas but we made it to Maine. I also made it about eleven chapters deep into the audiobook of To Kill a Mocking Bird. On the way we saw a wolf running full speed on the grassy shoulder/woods of 95N. It was badass. My Dad thinks it must have been a coyote, even so, I’m saying it was a wolf. I can’t remember when the rain started but it did. It was just a little preview of the days and weather patterns to come. And so we rode in rain.

We made it to Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park but couldn’t find the camping area. We followed some nice people, they were trying to be helpful but I think they were really just drunk. Finally we arrived at the check-in and were given a site to accommodate all five tents and bikes. Unfortunately our site had been pillaged already and we set up our shanty town on a much smaller patch of grass. After campfires, a hand carved pipe, picnic table conversations fueled by John Power’s Irish Whiskey, giggle fits and a few new nicknames we retired to our sleeping bags and let the exhaustion of 515 motorcycle miles wash over us.

And that concludes day one of our trip. I’m going to go pass out now.


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  1. jerms said,

    doesn’t harriman s.p. kick some hairy balls? android and i went through there and was awed. twisties galore!

    didn’t know you had a blog rocking. i don’t… but chizomatic does… check it: cherylknits.blogspot.com.

    again, glad you made it safely and again i’m fucking jealous!


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