Raining on my helmet like a tragedy.

July 30, 2008 at 6:34 pm (nova scotia motorcycle trip, travel toothbrush) (, , , , )

Monday night I went to bed at Midnight and by 10AM I still couldn’t really drag myself out of bed. My diaper rash, okay so it’s not actually diaper rash as it is saddle sores or whatever, is finally going away. Soooo sexy y’all. I will have to highly recommend the following product. I was going to wait to talk about it in depth until day 8 but I have to go ahead and give it props now.

Anyway on with the show…
Nova Scotia Trip. Day 2.

We woke up early and begin to tear down our campsite. Spano found an REI sleeping bag inside of a compression sack and decided it was to be his. He left his bulky green bag behind and I left a note on it for future campers. We named his new bag Eraserhead baby because it looked funny in the compression sack. Turns out the bag was probably for a child. So far Spano doesn’t have any weird rashes so it probably didn’t have bugs.

All five tents were in this spot.

Packed bikes, minus Spano’s. From left to right: Michael’s 1974 BMW R90S, Bill’s 1983 Honda Silverwing, making Bill affectionately known as Pop-Pop, Jared’s 1976 Honda CB750F and Wes’s recently purchased from Michael 1985 BMW R80rt. Spano’s 1980 Suzuki GS550E is pictured above by its lonesome.

We rode for a while and then stopped for breakfast at Karen’s Kitchen on Rt. 1 in Maine. Unfortunately the parking lot was gravel and Spano had his first bike dump ever. He took it like a man. His bike was fine and only needed a light electrical tape surgery, making his bike look tough.

We enjoyed breakfast, no thanks to our waitress whom I began calling, “see you next tuesday magoo”. I had a lovely “Spinach Florentine” omelet. MMMM. It had spinach, mushrooms, parmesan and swiss cheese. They gave you the choice of hash browns or home fries but it didn’t seem to matter what you selected as they all came out with hash browns, yummy nonetheless.

We got back on the road and continued to drive north through Maine. Maine is freaking huge. In case you didn’t know. You probably did. We stopped for gas and french fries soaked in malt vinegar. There we were told the rain was coming.

We got back on the road but soon had to pull over and put on rain gear. Wes made some “gator booties” so his feet didn’t get wet. Ding, ding, ding, nickname.

The sky was laughing at us.

We had to pull over once again when the rain came down in sheets and the boys couldn’t see the road but we managed to get over the border and into New Brunswick, Canada. We met a lovely family among remnants of a town parade and strong man contest. They pointed us in the direction of a campground and beach called New River Beach Campground. OHMYGOD! I swear unicorns and fairies were going to emerge at any second.

The boys took off to buy beer and dinner in Lepreau, New Brunswick. They only found a convenience store so $100 was spent on the groceries and beer. Wes, Christie and I had purchsed wine before the border crossing and we indulged. Riesling with cheese sandwiches and tortilla chips. Mmm. Of course this was not before I got all cranky pants at Michael for forgetting my ginger ale. Even an enchanted forest isn’t enough for me sometimes. Hindsight equals wanted take backs. Oh well. 2 pre-made egg salad sandwiches were purchased and cut up. Jared got his fresh out of the rain sweatshirt into the eggy goo. Who knew someone could hate egg salad so much! It put me in a better mood to finally hear Jared upset about something. I think that was the last time though. So Jared should be known as Egg Salad to me from here on out.

I went to bed before the rain started again for the night while Jared, Mike and Michael went to the beach. Jared took photographs in the pitch black with no flash because he is talented. Check out his stuff and blogs here: http://www.jaredcastaldi.com and http://jaredcastaldi.blogspot.com/ I’m sure he’ll post his fabulous trip photos sometime in the futures.

I woke to thinking I had a wet tent and somehow made a stake pop out and part of the tent collapse onto me a bit. I made Michael fix it when he came back from the beach and managed to stay dry. It was quite cold though since the ground was cold and wet. If you’re going to camp in the Northern Untied States or New Brunswick or Nova Scotia when it’s pouring ass rain and cold make sure you have something to put on the ground under your sleeping bag. That is if you’re kind of a candyass like me. I get cold quite easily. Somehow I slept through the rest of the cold, rain soaked night and only woke up with a slight wine induced headache.

And that concludes day two of our travels to Nova Scotia. Stay tuned for day three, a day full of cranky pants and pouring rain. Imagine that.


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