I don’t like Mondays

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Nova Scotia Trip Day Three, on a rainy Monday.

Day three may have been the worst day of the trip by far. I think we were starting to get to our breaking points, we were all hangry (when you’re hungry and angry at the same time, you may also use crungry to describe this phenomenon), and the weather just wouldn’t let up.

We started the day by packing up the enchanted forest camp, without seeing a unicorn horse mind you. We travelled into St. John, New Brunswick with high hopes for a nice breakfast and a good day of riding. These thoughts were shattered once we parked and immediately encountered a native with nic fits. He asked us all for a cigarette and none of us had any since (woohoo- six months!!!) none of us smoke. He found this very hard to believe and angrily yelled “None of you smoke?!” It was then that we knew St. John was not welcoming us with open arms.

We left the bikes with some trepidation and looked for a diner. After a few blocks we realized we didn’t want to leave all of our stuff and the bikes open to the masses and planned to move them. As we approached our parked bikes we noticed a homeless man admiring our shanty town packed bikes, specifically Michael’s bike. At least our instincts were still working.

Back on the bikes for a few blocks we settled on a parking lot where we’d grocery shop our breakfast instead. Something about St. John put the cranky so far into our pants that none of us could shake it and we decided to skip breakfast and hurriedly run our bank, gasoline and camping store errands and get on the road. These errands ended up keeping us in St. John for far longer than anyone should ever stay in St. John. I saw more homeless people there than anywhere else on our trip. The highlight of St. John was the camping store that also sold the Canadian equivalent of the boy scouts, known as the BEAVERS!!! Check out their scary and fascinating mascot:

Because the clerk skeeved me out to no end and because I was hangry I did not purchase any fabulous Beaver products.

Finally we left St. John, on empty stomachs and pushed on and it rained and rained and rained. We stopped at a rest stop/A&W restaurant to eat and rest.

After pitching a little fit I ordered the only two non-fried vegetarian things on A&W’s menu, the swiss cheese veggie burger and green garden salad. I love vegetables, especially dark leafy greens. I am obsessed with them. So when my shitty iceberg lettuce salad came out I pitched another little fit but then I shut up and ate the vegetables I could get. I also ate my scarily gray hued veggie burger with processed swiss cheese on it, only slightly bitching while chewing. Bill opted for the Grandpa burger since he is Pop-Pop. Eww, Bill, Eww.

We got back on the road in the rain but had to stop to work on both Jared and Spano’s chains. Jared’s chain and back wheel had been problematic for some time, Spano’s chain issue came about that morning. The boys were able to fix Spano’s but realized that Jared’s would need a hardware store for proper fixing. We decided to camp sooner than later since the rain wasn’t letting up and since we needed a hardware store for Jared. We found a campsite that just wasn’t right, they were lovely and pointed us in the direction of another just down the road.

After setting up in the rain and some bickering we got our shanty town up and running. Michael, Wes and I set out for the grocery and liquor stores. There we found plenty of cheap food and plenty of expensive alcohol. I guess national health care equals high ass costs for killing your insides with alcohol. As a foreigner I just couldn’t get behind these prices and opted to drink from my flask.

We fulfilled everyones grocery store orders and I bought precious vegetables and some soup in a box. We got outside and realized the temperature was ten degrees higher and the rain had stopped. I smiled for the first time in many, many hours.

Back at the campsite we realized that three beers had exploded in the bag. Three Mooshead beers equalled $4.50 of failure. I made soup and hot whisky tea and ate an avocado and a tomato. Happiness. Everyone else went to bed and Bill dried his socks, flannel and boots. Michael and I stayed up long enough to enjoy some fire and dry clothing time before retiring to our sleeping bag beds, prepared to sleep off any remnants of St. John.


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