bunny bunny hop hop

October 1, 2008 at 10:41 am (Uncategorized)

Every first of the month I try to remember to say rabbit rabbit for good luck. This all started because of the band of Jawbreaker and because I am a bit superstitious and enjoy being involved in anything that can bring me good luck or that provides me with a wish. Eyelash fall out? Sweet, wish away. First time eating something, don’t forget to make that wish. Birthday? Make damn sure you get to blow out some candles, even if it’s one lone candle stuck in the nearest confection.

Anyway. I thought I’d actually research the origin of this particular superstition since I enjoy it so much and use it for so many things. Googling something is as far I usually get when I’m doing my “research”. And so I’ve learned there are actually many variations of the saying, according to wikipedia anyway.

If you’re too lazy for googling you can see the wiki entry here

That is all. Happy October 1st Y’all.


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