I have to go see about a squirrel.

January 31, 2009 at 11:13 pm (Holy Squirrel Batman!)


So the other day I started day four of the nova scotia trip blogs and guess what?  My dickhead cat knocked over an entire cup of coffee all over my desk, journal, keyboard, iphone, etc. etc.  So instead of finishing it or really even starting it I cleaned coffee off of my life and put paper towels between each page of the travel journal so they’d dry nicely and only have the light remnant of a stain.   

Today started with a lazy morning of staying in bed for extra hours, then making coffee, doing dishes and watching the squirrels.  This might be one of my favorite parts of my day.  I get a little cranky when my routine is off and I miss out on the squirrel and dishes tranquility.  I got some pretty sweet pictures today as five squirrels showed up.  Word.

The rest of the day was not as peaceful as it involved driving on 76 to the King of Prussia mall so I could exchange some earphones that stopped working and a usb cable that I accidentally dunked in tequilla.  After driving in retard strength traffic I found out that registering my fucking applecare online five hours prior wasn’t helpful because it needed to be registered within the first year. Where the fuck it says that is beyond me. Anyways all that stupid driving for nothing.  Grrr…

More squirrel pictures to put me in a better mood and a few of me and Flea the coffee knocking over dickhead cat. 
squirrel peanut 1-31
flea and abby
Holy shit! look at the sneaky squirrel in the background!
flea ears
Ok. Now I’ll go to a separate blog for the nova scotia jawn. I gotta keep it pure.


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