the backyard, in photographs

February 20, 2009 at 12:10 pm (Holy Squirrel Batman!)

I have always wanted my very own backyard with my very own window with my very own sink so that I can do dishes and watch the backyard shenanigans. I’m pretty ecstatic that I have that now. Sometimes really awesome stuff happens in my yard. Other times pigeons come and poop all over everything and squirrels eat all of my cherry tomatoes. I forgive it all for days like these…

Two catbirds showed up one day. They seemed mad at each other. two catbirds

So one took off to his own section of the fence. one catbird

And he found a new friend in the squirrel. squirrel and bird

Which eerily resembles the invitations to Michael’s and my wedding. Weird… invite

And to top it all off Maalox settled in for a cute nap.
squirrel nap

I hope you enjoyed the first episode of the backyard, in photographs.



  1. Jared said,

    the suspense!! i can’t take it! what happens in the next episode?

  2. Dusty said,

    I heard you will be naming a squirrel after my hero steven andrew orsborn, if this is true please write about it and let me know.

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