Meet Mr. Maalox, an up close and personal look at my friend the squirrel.

July 1, 2009 at 12:17 pm (Holy Squirrel Batman!) (, , , )

Hmmm. I’m always updating on a rabbit rabbit. Fitting. So months have gone by and nothing. I have definitely been slacking. I need to remedy that right quick. It’s been almost a year since we went on our Nova Scotia Moto trip and I haven’t even finished the blogs. Woe is me. I’ll have to get on that since the last three days include some of the best and worst times of the trip. But for now I just have some pretty rad pictures of my friend Maalox. The grocery store is out of raw peanuts right now (insert outrage here) so I had to splurge and give him almonds and pecans from my baking cupboard. He rewarded me with some up close and personal time this morning so I thought I’d share. I am hoping to befriend two more yard squirrels so that I can name them after my friends Steven Andrew Orsborn and Jared. They both got the result “squirrel” in the cheesy facebook patronus quiz. I was totally jealous. We currently have one non-Maalox visitor, a super skiddish squirrel that hurriedly steals nuts and runs away, he’ll definitely be Steven Andrew.

For now here’s the king of our backyard, Maalox…
grassy squirrel
Maalox and the Pecans
Maalox smile
all up in your face
my my maalox
oh word
contemplation of a pecan


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  1. Spano said,


    This post is amazing.


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