100 days of dresses.

July 16, 2009 at 12:07 pm (Uncategorized)

I had an idea. I own over 100 dresses. I thought I’d wear a different dress every day for 100 days since I actually have the ability to do so, though some of the dresses are a weeee (okay what’s the big version of weeee) bit too small so I’d really have to count all of the dresses that fit and see if it adds up to 100. Anyway so I’d thought I’d do this, photograph myself everyday and blog about each one. So I googled 100 dresses in 100 days and found someone already did it, over a year ago and so yeah, it’s been done. It was done pretty well but my dress taste is pretty different than said bloggers dress taste, as is my overall aesthetic. So the question is do I embark on this endeavor and try to improve upon it? Hmm…the other dress blog.

And now here’s a completely random picture of an owl that I took at a Barnes and Noble one night.



  1. Spano said,

    100 Days of Dresses sounds like a movie that should have Katherine Heigl in it.

    • rabbitrabbit said,

      Mayhaps she’ll do it as a sequel to 27 Dresses after I actually complete the blog. Then you can not go see the movie.

  2. Spano said,

    Ha! I didn’t even realize that 27 dresses was a movie and had her in it. It must have crept into my subconscious. Yeah they should hurry up and not make a sequel to that pronto!

  3. Spano said,

    That other girl had “repeat” dresses. So she’s lame. You should still do it and one up her with 101 dresses. You’re photos will be better and your overall look much more interesting than the other lady.

    • rabbitrabbit said,

      Hmm. I didn’t dig that much, repeats are not acceptable. I’m going to do it. But first I am going to clean my room to be sure all of my dresses are clean, hung up and ready to go. Word.

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